Cigar City Stogie’s All Natural Dawg Food

Cigar City Stogies is an independently owned Dog Food company based out of Ybor City, Florida. At Stogies, we only use natural ingredients and minimal processing to create a tasty, healthy dining experience for your dog. We suggest you supplement your Cigar City Stogie’s food with half of your preferred kibble to ensure they receive all the essential vitamins your pup may need. If you live in the Tampa area Stogie is happy to meet up with you in Ybor and even might drop some Stogies by your house the next time you order!

8 thoughts on “Cigar City Stogie’s All Natural Dawg Food

  1. Andrea says:

    Hi josh. It was nice meeting you both yesterday. Can you send or post a list of all ingredients. I wanted to make sure w Tux allergies we were covered before placing an order. Ty!


    • Thanks for being a good puppy pal. Ingredients are as follows: whole chicken, sweet potatoes, kale and canned hominy which has a sconce of salt. That is it, and coming down the line Cubano will be pork, plantains, black beans and rice.


  2. Florita says:

    Ok.. so I mixed half dog food and half Stogies. Aiko must not understand the concept.. she ate only the Stogies.. correction.. she inhaled Stogies!
    Now I dont have to share my food with her. Thanks Josh!
    see you at Ybor again Saturday!

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  3. My dog is nursing and refused to eat anything for the first week. She would barely touch her regular kibble. I mixed it with the Chicken Dinner I picked up at the RedStar Rockbar Moonlight Market….well, she devoured it and in the last week her pups have doubled in size. Thank you so much!!


    • If you live in or near Tampa we will gladly deliver $4 a jar or a case of 12 for 45. Otherwise we can ship it if you go to the order section of the Facebook or website page. We prefer to ship cases but can send half and half on a case for case price. Any other questions feel free to write us


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